Friday, October 29, 2010

Plan Your Scuba

There are few tips how you can plan your Scuba Dive:-
  1. Get Certified:- Choose a scuba instructor; take the classroom training and the open water test. Earn your C-card. (Find more advice on scuba certification)
  2. Find a scuba buddy. You may have done your certification with a partner or friend or met people during your classes. Many dive shops have a "buddy board" and there are many online forums where you can meet other divers.
  3. Choose a dive location. So much water, so little time. You may choose your scuba dive destination based on what you want to see underwater or above ground. Any dive shop operator will offer advice. Scuba tourism is a booming industry, so there are many periodicals and magazines available to help you choose.  
  4. Find a dive shop. An unusual proportion of dive shops have websites because they cater to visiting international customers. Look for a scuba dive shop in the area you will be diving. 
  5. Book your scuba dive. The dive operator will hook you up with a time and place to meet the boat. Get directions! Marinas can be elusive never lands where street numbers don't go sequentially.
  6. Pack your scuba gear. Stuff it into a scuba gear bag. .
  7. Travel:- Contact a travel agent to arrange your travel needs, including transportation, lodging, and travel insurance.
  8. Check the conditions. Don't try to outrace an oncoming hurricane. Go diving only if it's safe and you are in good health.
  9. Arrive prepared. Pack your scuba gear for the boat, and don't forget anything vital. Use the pre-drive checklist.
  10. Above all, enjoy yourself!

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