Monday, November 15, 2010

Few Suggestions for Stronger Nails

In this modern world, it is utmost necessary that you have an elegant appearance and a persona that is lively. So, proper health care is absolutely necessary in order to have an attractive exterior. The very mention of “health care” would have made the people think about how to maintain your physique, hair, color etc. But nobody would have thought even for a second about proper nail care, the importance of having stronger nails or making the nails look attractive.

So, here we shall have a peek about the tips and advice needed to develop stronger nails. The most important thing about strong nails is to have a good diet. A balanced diet that contains sufficient quantities of iron, vitamins, proteins and other minerals are always necessary. Make sure that your diet contains abundance of Vitamin E, K, D, A and B complex. These are the vitamins that promote proper nail growth. Green leafy vegetables, spinach, egg, milk, carrots, beans etc are some of the products that are high in the above mentioned nutrients.

In addition to the diet there are certain other things you need to do in order to develop stronger nails. The use of nail hardeners and nail conditioners should be practiced. Nail hardeners are those products which can increase the strength as well as growth of your nails in an effective manner. Calcium based nail hardeners are the best nail hardeners because they penetrate deep into the nail cuticles and tend to improve the condition of the nails right from its roots. There are other nail hardeners like the formaldehyde based and topical nail hardeners. These two types are very effective, but can have side effects like flakes, scratches and over growth of nails. Formaldehyde nail hardeners are obsolete these days.

The use of nail buffers is another very good option to grow strong nails. These are topical lacquers that are very effective in keeping your nail strong and long. In spite of trying all these for growing stronger nails and if you find that there is no healthy improvement then it is advised that you take biotin supplements which are available in most of the pharmacies. Reports have suggested that there have been remarkable improvements in the growth as well as the strength of the nails of the people who took biotin supplements.

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