Thursday, November 11, 2010

Live-in Vs Marriage

There are some couples (excluding gay and lesbian) who are living together from years but they still don’t want to get married. For avoiding unsuccessful live-in relationships and for all couples who are confused about getting married before and during live-in relations, here are some recommended steps which will help them to take some healthier decision :----

  • Take decision to live with each other seriously and with great care.
  • Couples should be very clear about their expectations from each other before they go for living with each other. Why are you going for live-in relation? You should be very clear about this.
  • Remember living with each other doesn’t make a guarantee that after this a guy will turn from somebody who says “I will never get married” to somebody who make purpose on his knees. Expectations should be limited and never try to improve your relation, just live-in because you have a smooth going relation.
  • Don’t think that after living-in or after marriage your partner will change.
  • Fix a time for living with each other. You should not waste too much of your time in trying to establish compatibility. If it is, it is and if it does not exist, accept that.
  • Sign some agreement for live-in to handle finances and to set limits of physical relationships.
  • Be clear with the fact that what is acceptable to you and what is not. It will help to have a rational decision about your partner.
  • Avoid pregnancy, because in cohabitation relations the birth of children is found to be unwanted by both of the parents. Under these circumstances, it will be detrimental for future of child as well as for healthy relationship between the couple.
  • Finally if you are deciding to go for marriage discus with each other that what will change and what will not.
  • Listen to your heart and go for a decision for which you don’t need to blame anybody in future. Learn where to be emotional and where to be rational.

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